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Camaro Lover's Unite!

Camaro Love
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Only lovers of the great sports car should be here, to
post you will have to show a knowledge of the cars, and that you are not a spammer,
a my year is better then your year idiot, or a lamer who thinks because
they have a Camaro it makes you a racer.

This community will be for all Camaro lovers, regardless
of what year. All generations are welcome, and of course newbies to the
Camaro world are welcome, as long as you don't try to act like you
know everything. All types of Camaro interest are also welcome, including
but not limited to; just owners, racers, show cars, and rebuilders. This is
a generally open community, but we will not
tolerate certain types of people. This includes but is not limited
to; people who claim their cars can decimate all, people who start arguments
every chance they get, people who give consistently dumb advice, and those who
are continually causing problems.

To be accepted into the group please send an email to the email listed
with a little about yourself and why you wish to join, please
be sure to include why you are interested in Camaro's. If this is too
much work for you then you don't belong in this group anyway. The main
posting topic is Camaro related. Try to stay on topic but if your post is off
topic please put an OT in the subject line. Mechanical, how to, and
so forth are welcome. We will try to help you with our various
years of knowledge, but any advice given and taken on this community
should be done so at your own risk, nothing beats the
advice of a trained mechanic, and of course if you don't know what you're
doing, you should probably not be doing it

We love to see pictures of your Camaro's, read your advice/experiences/or
questions but please be sure any pictures numbering more then 1 or
over 50K in size are BEHIND a LJ cut tag, as well as any post
longer then 200 characters. For those of you who don't know how to do LJ cuts
please copy the following html:

<lj-cut="your text here">

Edit the area in red only with your desired LJ cut text and there you go. If
you are discussing someone who has an lj, it is best and more accepted if you
use a lj user link so that we can go and see this person's information if we'd
like. To do this simply copy the text below:

<lj user="usernamehere">

Edit the area in red by inserting the exact lj user name and there you go.

The general thought is three strikes you're out, and that is exactly how it
works here. You will get a warning stamp for such actions,
and if you get three within a 6 month period you are outta
here with no chance of being allowed back. You will be banned
basically. Every 6 months the warning's will be removed and you will start with
a clean slate unless you managed to get three in that time. If you did, your
. There are no second chances.