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Hi I'm new. My name is Kat, and my Camaro's name is Kit. She's a 2002 35th Anniversary Black V6 auto, T-top with a LS1 body, a billet grill and Corvette ZO6 wheels. She's all stock under the hood. There are lots of mods I'd like to do, but I'll get to them when I save up the money. I'm used to imports, my last car was a '95 Eclipse that was totaled after my Dad and I had replaced almost every part under that hood including the computer to the radiator, to the EGR valve to a crap load of sensors, so this it totally new to me. I'll update when I get to doing some work on her.

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Newer Camaros Vs. Eclipses ...
Tell me if I'm imagining, but sometimes I think the Eclipses [Mine is a 1997] and the newer Camaros bear a lot of similarities in aesthetics.

The rear ends look quite alike when regarding the spoilers. *Shrugs* Just a thought I had, and have had in the past.

I have a 1991 Camaro also... ;)

The Eclipse was my first car and when some bastard ass kid in a Dodge Ram truck totaled it, I was stuck driving the beater car. So I've only driven 4 bangers. The Camaro is totally different, even the 6 is powerful to me and it stock. And it's like driving a freaking boat. Hahaha. I think the back ends look a little different, only because the Eclipse had a huge hamster butt. But the spoilers are a lot a like.

Is your 91 Camaro a 6 or 8?
It's a V8.
I've had a bit of all 3.
My first Camaro [Who I affectionately knew as Black Beauty] was a V6 though.
It was alright. I had swapped out the cam in it, as when I purchased in [it was a 1990] it had a flat cam [the lobes were all flat, yikes!]

Put a neat-o higher preformance cam in it.
Yeah. However-- I really like the Eclipse. I love the body style of the Third Gen Camaros a lot, but it seems the third gens always give me a love-hate relationship. I pour lots of money into the Camaro...

If I had the resources for a new engine, that might help.

Yeah. The Eclipse though, [1997] I have... it's been very reliable and a fun little car to drive. [Zippy for a 4 Cylinder.] AND you can't beat the gas milage.

They are like driving boats. Yet-- there's a lot of satisfaction in that ;)

newer camaros look like concordes.. i dont think that eclipses are the cars you want to use to compare to camaros ha. im sure a lot of camaro owners might get upset about that