Brian fuckin' Boldizsar (kramer87vh) wrote in all4camaros,
Brian fuckin' Boldizsar



My starter's bendix drive went out on my '89 383 IROC-Z, so I'm in the middle of replacing it. My non-stock exhaust system was in the way of letting the starter come off. I unbolted (muthafucka those were hard bolts to loosen)the Y-pipe from the headers, and that made the pipe flexible enough in order to get the starter out. Well tomorrow when I put the new starter in, I am planning on running open headers for a bit just for shits and giggles. However, my friend was telling me that running open headers can fuck shit up because of the heat, like, perhaps ignite a gas line, catch something on fire, or do some warping damage. I was wondering if that is true or just a myth??????????????????????????????????????

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