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Crystal Universe

My Two (possibly three) new babies!

It's a Camaro!

I recently purchased a group of elder 2nd gens, (I originally went out for a single third gen but alas, they gave me those sad puppy dog headlights so I took them instead).

These three little girls are a 1981, a 1979, and a 1976. All are v8's, one is a turbo. For their age they are relatively low miled, considering my 87 Iroc has 186k and none of these three top that. They are all in need of repair, in one way or another, though they do all run.

I have a thing for naming my cars, I have a number of cars, all are named. My main driver is called Scorn, a Black Cherry 87 IROC, then I have my 1969 I call it Demona. So I have begun to brainstorm names for this cars, and I am thinking Kirosi, Black Widow, and Wrath.

They all need repainting so I am thinking:

Chevy paint colors

# 195338 ELECTRON BLUE MET for the 81
# 34781 DARK ARGENT MET for the 79
* 5004 EMERALD GREEN MET for the 76

What do you think?
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