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  2009.04.03  00.46
2000 Camaro for sale$


pictures are posted on Craigslist.

Email me or comment for more details.

Tallahassee, FL


  2007.12.05  23.15

x12 Sweeney Todd
x10 Sweeney Todd premiere (Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Alan Rickman)
x20 Transformers
x12 Chevy Camaro




  2007.09.16  20.54
Introduction: I'm obsessed.

Looks like a good community... :)

My name is Meghan, going on 21, and I hail from Tampa, FL.

I've gone on a bit of a car shopping spree. haha.
April of 2006 I bought my first Camaro, a red 1995 3.4L....
A year later, my boyfriend left for the Army, which is of course, very depressing... but unlike most women, Instead of buying shoes and junk, I bought, first, ANOTHER 1995 3.4L Camaro in silver. A week later, I bought a 1981 Firebird w/ a 350. :)

here we go...

Red 1995 3.4L
(the day I got her:)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(But I got her a $2,000 paint job in January, so here she is again:)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
170k miles, Chevy bowtie exhaust tips & y-pipe, 160* thermostat, Sony Xplod head unit, Sony Xplod interior speakers

Silver 1995 3.4L
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
100k miles, Viper Alarm system, Pioneer interior speakers, stock delco head unit, has a sub box... cant think of the brand, power windows locks, short antennae, vinyl camaro lettering, leather

1981 Firebird (the project)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
750 Holley w/ doublepump
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


  2007.06.04  06.39
Yet another photo of the 69


  2007.03.23  13.17
Finally got my Rims

... Still many more little details to cover but it's starting to look like a car again!


  2006.12.22  00.52
Where to begin...

Well, hello everybody - my name is Robyn, and my car's name is Cool Hand Fluke. Yes, like the movie, but with an "f" due to the circumstances in which I found myself purchasing what is now my latest ride. I am a fourth-time Camaro owner... it's a long story. Rainy-day material. Anyway, the car I've got right now is an '88 IROC-Z, 305, M/T, and quite frankly, I think it's the greatest thing since the small-block itself. However, it's kind of a project car - and I bought it knowing this, but as fortune would befall me, I have found myself in a sort of bind. I let a friend of mine borrow the car, and they plowed into the back of someone with it and the wreck tore up my front end on the driver's side all the way up to the wheel well. We had the car fixed, and now it's got fresh paint(niiice) and all is nearly well EXCEPT!! no one in my area can seem to get their paws on a set of the IROC emblems for the stupid sideskirts. I did a color-swap on the car, thinking it'd be no big deal to find the colors I wanted in the new emblems that I would be in need of - but little did I realize that these emblems are more difficult to find than - well, I don't even know what. I'd be lucky to find any IROC emblems at all, let alone to find them in the color that I'm looking for, said color being red.

Now I know what you're thinking; try GM. Try Eckler's. YearOne. Ebay. I have, and these emblems are just not to be found, and on top of all of that, there aren't any salvage yards in my area anymore. I don't really know what to do except to slap some bondo in those sockets, smooth it out, and just paint over the damned things, which I don't really want to do, because for some reason, I want the whole world out there on the street to know that my ride is an IROC. Can anybody help me out with this??

... also, I'd like to post some pictures of my cars, past and present - but I don't know how to get pictures up on this website, silly as it may seem. Help!! LOL - thanks everyone!


  2006.10.05  15.32

Almost a year after Jamming it I finally got the whole thing painted... Check out the painting process


  2006.01.10  17.38

Hi my name is Kayla. I am from indiana! I own a 1999 z28 Hugger Orange Camaro! I love this car. Its my baby! Enjoy the pics! (warning: large pictures)

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  2005.08.29  15.14
Finally some paint!

Been working on this car for four years now and it is finally seeing some paint!
All the Jamming has been done so everything that is not seen from the outside has gotten paint. Once it is all back together we'll put the final paint on the outside!
Words can't express my excitement!

A few shotsCollapse )

Mood: excited

  2005.07.29  16.17

Well, let me start off by saying I know a good amount about cars, but not enough. Therefore I got a question. I got a 95 Camaro, V6. Recently I decided instead of wasting my money getting a new car (My car has nearly 120k miles) I should just restore and upgrade my car. Problem is, idk where to start or how to go about it.

A little more bg info...My car is an automatic, so far it hasn't given me any major problems. It's got a new water pump, belts, battery, all the basic stuff. I know Automatic transmissions don't last long, so that's gonna come in first. I'm just looking for suggestions, and I kinda feel a little foolish asking, but hey, this is the place to ask for help. Any comments is apreciated.


  2005.06.07  00.46

the time has come for me to sell my beautiful camaro. i wondered how much i should price it for. it's a red 98 v6 with t tops. i added flowmasters to it as well as a kick ass pioneer cd player (displays images and whatnot) and all pioneer speakers. it has about 91000 miles on it. any ideas on what i should set my price at? thanks in advance!!!

Mood: contemplative

  2005.06.06  22.50

ok... ill start at the beginneing...

my crappy little 305 took a big dump on me so i got all sorts of mad and tore the sucker out...

my replacement... a 1967 327 out of a vette... been redone but cam size is unknown... holley alum. intake (dominator II) and holley 650 cfm double pumper carb...

i did all the proper mods to make the carb model work and by *** it all works and drives... but its the driving i cant figure out...

everything is set now except for timing and air/fuel ratio thingy on the carb... (someone else is gonna set this stuff i dont understand it)

but in driving it today... in drive... it will not break 2000 rpm in 3rd gear... mph will rise but not rpms... its like its being locked down. it revs through fine clear up to 5500rpm in N... and if you manually shift through 1st and 2nd itll go fine and shift fine... but 3rd is gay...

it did this with my 305 before it died if you layed into it it would go into passing gear and do some lockdown BS before the SES light would kick on and lock down the rpms... if you pulled over and restarted the car... no problem... i thought it was the knock sensor but now i dont know...

i have not pulled the computer OUT yet... but in theory it should not be controlling anything at all... so i think ill take it out in case its still controlling something on my tranny

the cables that used to be on the old 305 were the cruise cable.. throttle... and another one... i had to make a bracket to accomodate the throttle and the other one... i mounted the second one based on the idea that it needed enogh pressure at all times to be just taunt... but pulled tight when carb was wide open... so thats what i tried to do... does that have anything to do with it???

by the way the tranny has been replaced and i have no idea what it came out of... but it is still a 700 r4...

anyone who has any ideas would be cool if they submitted it...


  2005.05.19  23.44

Hi I'm new. My name is Kat, and my Camaro's name is Kit. She's a 2002 35th Anniversary Black V6 auto, T-top with a LS1 body, a billet grill and Corvette ZO6 wheels. She's all stock under the hood. There are lots of mods I'd like to do, but I'll get to them when I save up the money. I'm used to imports, my last car was a '95 Eclipse that was totaled after my Dad and I had replaced almost every part under that hood including the computer to the radiator, to the EGR valve to a crap load of sensors, so this it totally new to me. I'll update when I get to doing some work on her.

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  2005.04.25  10.12

Happy Birthday to the Beast, she turns 20 this year!


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  2005.04.03  23.26

I was thinking about undercoating the hole bottom of my car to keep out heat sound and rust, i was wnating to know if anyone happened to know if i coated my rear axle, if that would keep in heat and potentially damage seals or bearings, ect.


  2005.03.28  23.21
name for a car?

hihis all.. well, i guess a quick intro.. never know what to say though.. my name is angel, i live in dallas..im looking for a name for a Camaro..I just bought it last tuesday, 2002 v6 automatic.. (i wouldnt survive 10 minutes in a standard!! that and if it was any more powerfull.. well.. ive always said every ticket ive gotten was well earned and those were in less powerfull cars!!!) Black T-Top w/ charcole grey interior.. totally gorgeous n omg i love it so much!!! Im thinking Cameo and some friends have suggested Shadow. Ideas before i order a dashmat for it so i can get it embroidered onto it like ive done with all my cars before?


  2005.02.02  14.16
For sale




  2005.01.07  18.29

Anyone know where I can get colored bulbs for the interior of my car? Or if there's any like special paint I could use?


  2004.10.17  01.04


My starter's bendix drive went out on my '89 383 IROC-Z, so I'm in the middle of replacing it. My non-stock exhaust system was in the way of letting the starter come off. I unbolted (muthafucka those were hard bolts to loosen)the Y-pipe from the headers, and that made the pipe flexible enough in order to get the starter out. Well tomorrow when I put the new starter in, I am planning on running open headers for a bit just for shits and giggles. However, my friend was telling me that running open headers can fuck shit up because of the heat, like, perhaps ignite a gas line, catch something on fire, or do some warping damage. I was wondering if that is true or just a myth??????????????????????????????????????


  2004.10.17  04.36

I need the right side flog light covrt... Mine got broke some how...

Anyone have one for a 93' layin around they wanna get rid of?


  2004.10.13  14.37

Ok question need help....!

When I accelerate in my 95 camaro i'm hearing sort of a "reverse" noise. You know when the car is going in reverse. I thought it could have been the power steering since apparently it was leaking. Fixed that, but i'm still hearing the noise. Anyone got an idea what it could be. (I'm hoping that it isn't my transmission)


  2004.10.04  02.36
My Two (possibly three) new babies!

It's a Camaro!

I recently purchased a group of elder 2nd gens, (I originally went out for a single third gen but alas, they gave me those sad puppy dog headlights so I took them instead).

These three little girls are a 1981, a 1979, and a 1976. All are v8's, one is a turbo. For their age they are relatively low miled, considering my 87 Iroc has 186k and none of these three top that. They are all in need of repair, in one way or another, though they do all run.

I have a thing for naming my cars, I have a number of cars, all are named. My main driver is called Scorn, a Black Cherry 87 IROC, then I have my 1969 I call it Demona. So I have begun to brainstorm names for this cars, and I am thinking Kirosi, Black Widow, and Wrath.

They all need repainting so I am thinking:

Chevy paint colors

# 195338 ELECTRON BLUE MET for the 81
# 34781 DARK ARGENT MET for the 79
* 5004 EMERALD GREEN MET for the 76

What do you think?


  2004.09.30  21.17


  2004.09.30  11.45

eh, it's a project, what can i say?Collapse )

Mood: amused


  2004.09.29  13.52

Here are some pics of the new motor...

Mood: excited

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